Customised Tours

Are you wanting your own dream trip, your own custom cycling holiday without the hassle of organising the finer details?
If so, our customised cycling holidays are for you. We offer unique flexible holiday packages to suit you, whether you’re traveling as an individual or a group. Choose your mode of transport, length of stay and type of accommodation. We’ll use our expert knowledge and contacts to make it all happen for you.

Customised cycling tours

On road bikes you can cover an amazing distance each day, but absorb the scenery, atmosphere and culture like no coach-dwelling tourist ever can. As you relax in comfort in the evenings, you’ll feel satisfied reflecting on what you achieved in the day. From your trusty steed you’ll get to know the local country in intimate detail, stopping for picnic lunches on high mountain passes, deserted beaches and secluded forest areas. Our support vehicle is never far away to offer relief to weary bodies. For the novice cyclist to the die-hard seasoned veteran, our customised road cycling options are plentiful. Some are exhilarating and challenging — others are more relaxing. Below is a small example of what’s possible.

Customised mountain biking tours

Our customised mountain biking holidays and tours are designed to take you into areas inaccessible by other means and well off the beaten tourist path. Often you may be considered odd, unusual or even insane by the locals, but you’ll have adrenalin, laughter, friends, and all the support of our local guides. With all your luggage carried for you to the next night’s location, but it a luxury hotel or camping, you’ll be free to admire the scenery and immerse yourself in the culture.We can customise tours to fit all fitness levels, whether it’s casual coasting through low-lying villages you’re after, or lung-busting climbs at altitude.
Relax and unwind – tour extensions For places too good to leave too soon, we can customise tour extensions, pre-trip or post-trip.