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Hiking Tours of the South Island and North Island

Hiking, trekking, tramping or walking, call it what you will, but you still have to get there under your own steam. No fangle-dangle contraptions and paraphernalia on these tours, just a good pair of walking shoes or boots.

The world was once only traversed by foot and many of the exciting trails used then are still hiked today. On our New Zealand hiking tours our luggage is carried for us and all we need is a day pack and desire to see what is around the next corner. Our guide makes sure we stay on track and arrive safe and sound at each evenings destination.

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Hiking Highlights South & North Hiking Tour – 17 Day

South To North Island Hiking Tour

This tour starts in Christchurch (South Island) and finishes in Auckland (North Island). A flexible touring option with the ability to experience both the North and South islands of New Zealand or either island separately. Via a selection of separate hiking experiences throughout New Zealand you will experience the exquisite beauty and tranquility that the native bush and wildlife exude.
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Ball Pass Alpine Crossing Hiking Tour – 3 Day

Ball Pass is a challenging 3 day alpine crossing of the Mount Cook Range from the Tasman to the Hooker Valley. The hiking route follows the Ball Ridge, high above the Tasman Glacier, and opposite the mighty Caroline Face of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest ice face. You will encounter rich alpine flora and unique bird life on this 3 day hiking tour.
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